Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let's Talk

HI and welcome to the first of what I hope is many posts. I've looked all over the Net. And I have yet to find a central blog where PTSD victims/survivors worldwide can meet and talk freely. In my experience, most people don't know what PTSD means, are too busy to stop and think about it. And just don't care. It's the old out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing. So here's to hoping that this will in some small way help to change things. This blog will contain strong language and maybe controversial ideas to some people. But that's all right. The idea to be open, honest and then from that you start to heal.

A little about me. I've had severe PTSD for 35 years (due to ongoing childhood sexual abuse). I've lost jobs, relationships and friends. My family has disowned me because I'm "handicapped" and they can't be bothered with weird and freaky s**t from me. And, it's YOUR fault. Nobody gives a f**k about your thoughts, feelings, ideas and concerns. Don't be so f*****g sensitive. You'll never survive.

Oh, ok. So it's my fault. Getting repeatedly raped is fun. It's what I asked for. So now just go away and deal with it? I feel like my family is long gone. The rare times when we have really superficial "conversations", it always leaves me thinking, why did I just waste ten minutes on the phone with this person? The truth is it'll never change. Call it stupid f*****g pride or whatever. But as for me, my days as being the family peacmaker are over. So now you no longer have the right to tell me it's my fault and then say, sleezy ungrateful bastard son. After all the s**t we've done for you. This is how you show respect? YOU WERE NEVER THERE FOR ME. If you can't at least fake basic respect for me as a human being (if nothing else), then f**k off. I have better things to do with my time.

This blog is for any and all PTSD victims/survivors. Anybody is free to link to this site, post comments, etc. Now, PLEAE READ THIS: Be aware and respectful of others on this blog. You ARE responsible for what you write.

More later on,

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