Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Comes From Having PTSD?

When you have any condition like PTSD, keep in mind a few things. Everyone is diagnosed at different times. Everyone heals at different rates and has their own unique problems to deal with.

Now the opposite. Is it possible to have anything positive come out of PTSD? Some people say that it can help you to have better empathy for others. Frankly I can think of better ways to develop it. But one interesting thing that happens is that many survivors find that they have a much sharper psychic ability.

Don't worry about labels like psychic, medium, etc. Instead keep in mind that this is a documented thing that happens to many people. Why does it happen? Some theories say that the shock to your system overall makes you more aware. Others say that everybody has basic psychic ability. And as a result of healing from PTSD this increased empathy makes your psychic ability stronger.

At times this has been a blessing and a burden. I find that at times I'm listening to someone talk and I'm tuned in to what they're really thinking. So if it's several people at the same time it's like trying to watch 3 or 4 TV channels at the same time. At that point you just have to stop and work on shutting it off. I'm getting a little better at it.

Again, I don't worry about why it happens. Instead it's another thing to try and live with.

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