Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Makes PTSD Even Worse

I made an important decision today. Tomorrow I'm going to see my holistic doctor about getting some blood tests done to check for Celiac disease. That's when you have no tolerance for gluten. Where do you find gluten? In anything with these ingredients:

wheat, wheat germ, bran, durum flour, all-purpose flour, white or wheat flour, graham flour, wheat starch, farina, wheat-based semolina, spelt



barley, bulgar, couscous, or millet

malt or malt flavoring (NO BEER!)

hydrolyzed vegetable or plant protein

gluten stabilizers found in prepared meats like hot dogs and others.

What are some common symptoms?:

gas, abdominal bloating and pain

weight loss or gain


bone or joint pain


nerve damage (tingling or numbness)

muscle pain or cramps

heartburn or reflux disease

tooth discoloration or loss of enamel

Many people believe that severe long-term stress (like PTSD) can bring out Celiac disease. I have at least half of the above symptoms. So after the blood tests either I don't. Or I do which will REALLY piss me off. Sexual abuse, verbal and physical abuse, alcoholism, PTSD. And now MAYBE Celiac disease too? I've asked various doctors, nutritionists and others about the effects of long-term stress on your body. Right now there's no scientific proof that this will make you more suceptable to cancer and other diseases (although you would think that it could). With Celiac disease, several sources say that severe stress could come out because you're genetically pre-disposed for it.

Right now I feel really robbed by being bombarded with all of this stuff. I don't want to feel like all this has cheated me out of a chance to do what I really want. The logical part of me knows that's not true. But sometimes the emotional side has trouble with that.

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